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People Watching: Then and Now
Fitchburg Art Museum
Curated by Lisa Crossman

"In each of Vevers’s early portraits, she depicts the eye of a woman captured by a male artist…By isolating a single eye of the painted sitter, the body is concealed; and the viewer has no choice but to know the model through her gaze…Her Lover’s Eyes engage the viewer in a direct and intimate way, forging a new relationship between the viewer and the model whose eye she appropriated."

VEVERS 3/Object Lesson
Tabitha Vevers, Tony Vevers, Elspeth Halvorsen
Hudson D. Walker Gallery
Fine Arts Work Center
Curated by Daniel Ranalli

"For a number of years she has painted life-size eyes of artists and their subjects, appropriated from paintings and photographs...Meret Oppenheim, an important artist and muse of the Surrealists in Paris, is the inspiration for Tabitha's Breakfast in Fur, Variable Tempo, referencing her iconic teacup."

Tabitha Vevers: Narrative Bodies
deCordova Museum + Sculpture Park
Curated by Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

"If painting can be considered an act of devotion, then Tabitha Vevers’s exquisitely rendered, intimate works of art are offerings, secular attempts to connect with the spiritual. They propose a different way of thinking about our relationship to the planet and to each other…Vevers is one of a number of contemporary artists who look back to look forward, mining styles, formats, techniques, characters, and subjects from art history, history, and popular culture to craft a singular vision from the perspective of a contemporary woman."

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CENSORED COVER July/August 2019

Studio Visit: Tabitha Vevers

Susan Rand Brown
Art New England
July/August 2019

For Tabitha Vevers, now at Albert Merola Gallery in Provincetown, family ties can set you free

Debbie Forman
Provincetown Banner
August 29,2019

"Vevers is a conjurer of images first, a trader of dreams who takes apart art history and reapplies it with a modern narrative that a comes from her own experience as a contemporary woman. She is that most mysterious of artists, one who transcends the role of painter--though she is, of course, a first-rate one, her unhurried layering of tiny brushstrokes giving the work a nuanced pulse and a presence that is completely original."

Andre van de Vende
Provincetown Arts, Tabitha Vevers
Beauty and Danger: A Duælity of Vision
2016/17 Cover Feature

“Tabitha Vevers [is] an artist who uses the tropes and techniques of art history to tell cunningly contemporary yet timeless stories. The first Tabitha Vevers painting I ever saw stopped me cold. It was gorgeously painted, violent, and almost too intimate to look at. Her work extends beyond political and social discourse and consistently cuts to the emotional bone…her technique, her scholarship, and her generous vision, which embrace the complexities of personal pain, conflict, and desire, make for art that’s provocative and deeply satisfying.”

Cate McQuaid
Boston Globe, One Artist’s Feminist Mystique
March 6, 2009

With Vevers, it’s all about the details. Her work is a combination of the precious and pensive, an arresting narrative with a jittery, feminist agenda that draws you in with a flashy thrum of gold leaf and a seductive level of detail and craft. The pieces are quite beautiful, tasty confections with a sneaky sting in their tails…Vevers’s observations—on war, the sexes, corporate gluttony, and the sobering effects of ecological negligence—take on a private resonance.

Andre van der Wende
Art New England, Tabitha Vevers: Narrative Bodies
April/May 2009

Lise Motherwell
Provinceotwn Arts, The Eye of the beholder: The Art of Tabitha Vevers

Lise Motherwell
Provinceotwn Arts, The Eye of the beholder: The Art of Tabitha Vevers